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Aidan’s Light is committed to providing scholarships to deserving graduates in the Kasson/Mantorville School district.  Aidan's Light will advocate to help stop youth suicide through charitable giving to both national and local charities, focusing on the prevention of  youth suicide and treatment of mental health problems.  We also look to provide local schools the needed resources to bring awareness to youth mental health and prevent youth suicide.

Aidan' Memorial

The Poem

Aidan’s Light is dedicated to our son, Aidan, who died by suicide, July 27, 2020.  After his death, a close friend of his, Ella, shared a poem Aidan had written for her - titled “The Light Inside”.   We thank Ella deeply for sharing this poem with us, giving us the inspiration to start and share Aidan’s Light with others who may be contemplating suicide - so they can  remember their own light.

Aidan Young

The Light Inside

There is a light inside us all,
Some are big and bright,
Some are small and dull.
Some just turned on,
Some are old and going out.
But it's there.
That light is beautiful,
No matter who owns that light.
It's there for a reason.

Don't forget your light.

-Aidan J. Hegge

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